At Chapter New, we believe that every individual is a storyteller, and each life is a masterpiece composed of unique chapters. Just as a book unfolds, our lives are a continuous narrative of experiences, challenges, and triumphs. The year 2020 was an eyeopener for us for we made up our minds to bring a change into this world.

With this profound understanding, Chapter New was born—a brand that aspires to be a steadfast companion as you embark on new journeys and write fresh chapters in the book of your life.

Additionally, We wish to revolutionize the world of fashion for the betterment of tomorrow.For the industry, nature, maker, and you.


We all know the environmental impact induced by the fashion industry.




The fashion industry is the second major polluting industry globally, including water, air & soil pollution. At Chapter New Studios, each step is thoroughly analyzed, ensuring to prevent all ill consequences. Each product being sold contributes X% of profits to NGOs.

Let’s be kind to the mother who has been kind to us. We are committed to creating healthy & long-lasting clothes without using any hazardous elements during the entire process.

We care for the people who work with us. Because, with care, comes trust.

The process of fashioning a garment is not easily comprehendible. It requires highly skilled tailors, who are constantly delivering perfection with every stitch. We are on a mission to simplify the process and bring back smiles on their face at the same time.

Let’s go back to basics
Futuristic Classics

Fast fashion is past fashion and the future needs to be simple. How? By purchasing what is required and redefining the wardrobe.

Made To Be Remembered
Made For The Future